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Clean Concrete Floors | Easy house cleaning tips | Lizol

How to clean cement floors with Lizol®

No type of flooring material is truly maintenance-free, and same holds true for cemented floors. 

In fact, you might have often seen white stains on cement floors. These are formed due to a chemical reaction called ‘efflorescence’. In this reaction, calcium hydroxide from the cement reacts with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create a water and calcium carbonate salt, which forms white stains.

Chemical reaction - Ca(OH)2 + CO2 = CaCO3 + H2O

To remove these, you need a cement specialist such as Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner. Its 3in1 power penetrates the pores on the cement floor, dissolves and eliminates the white stains along with removing 99.9% germs.

Use regularly for 6 days as per instructions on the pack to see visible results.

Usage instructions:

  • Dilute 16 ml (one cap full) in 3 litres of water  

  • Use neat product, if required for tough stains 

  • Don’t use the surface cleaner for any other purpose, or in any other manner 


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