Bathroom Cleaning


Not many people enjoy this task but knowing how to clean your bathroom is essential to combat the build-up of germs and grime that occur in this highly used space. It also helps to have a couple of different cleaning routines up your sleeve for when you’re either in a hurry or, have the time to do a thorough, deep-clean. 


1. How to quickly clean your bathroom? 

It can all be done in just 10 minutes. Here’s how:


Step 1: Prepare your bathroom for cleaning (minute 1)

You’ll need the following items in hand for this ten-minute clean:


  • A mop

  • A bucket

  • A toilet brush

  • A sponge/cleaning cloth

  • Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner

  • Lizol® Surface Cleaner


Please note: Please always use Lizol products as directed on the label.


Step 2: Clean your toilet (minute 2-3)

Use an effective toilet bowl cleaner, then scrub with a toilet brush. After 5 minutes, rinse with water.


Step 3: Clean the bathroom tub and shower (minute 4-7)

Spritz the entirety of the shower tile walls and bathtub with Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner. Let it sit for 5 minutes before you rinse it.


Step 4: Clean your mirror (minute 8)

Spray the entirety of your bathroom mirrors with any glass cleaner, then wipe it with a clean cloth.


Step 5: Clean your bathroom sink (minute 9)

Spray the inside and outside of the basin with Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner. Then rinse with water.


Step 6: Disinfect bathroom floor (minute 10)

Mop the floor with a multipurpose solution such as Lizol® Surface Cleaner and water. 


2. How to deep clean your bathroom

Express cleans are great for busy people, but sometimes your bathroom needs a deep clean with 99.9% germ removal. Especially on small surfaces and items, such as:



The bathroom tap is also a hotbed for the build-up of bacteria. A lot of hands turn this on and off, so give them a spray and wipe with an effective cleaner to ensure that germs don’t spread.


Fittings and Accessories 

Make sure you also clean your bathroom fittings and door handles weekly to limit cross contamination with an effective cleaner. 


Shower curtains and doors

Your shower curtains and doors are most susceptible to getting wet and staying wet, making them magnets for mold and mildew. To keep them from forming, store a small squeegee in the shower and use it to clean the walls and door after every few showers. 

Please note: Always use Lizol products as directed on the label.


3. How to clean shower doors 

Have your glass shower doors started to look cloudy and discoloured, even when not in use? This is because of the build-up of matter on them due to everyday use. If left unchecked, these stains can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your glass. 


How often should you clean shower glass?

Moisture in a bathroom means that grime can cause build-up on your glass shower doors. You should therefore do some simple maintenance every time you use the shower. 


What is the best way to clean shower glass?

Make sure you wipe down your glass shower door with an everyday cleaner and a cloth after each use. We recommend our best - Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner that eliminates soap scum, limescale and other tough messes as well as removes 99.9% of germs in the bathroom. It’s also highly effective to treat black or greenish growth on your shower doors. 

Please note: Always use Lizol products as directed on the label.


4. How to clean a Bathtub 

When you climb into your warm and bubbly bath, you should be ready to relax. But unwinding can be difficult if your tub is covered in dirt and grime, causing a breeding ground for germs. With Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner, remove 99.9% germs and get your tub looking squeaky clean with our simple tips and tricks.


How often should I clean my bathtub?

It’s hard to say how often to clean your bathtub, because it depends on how many people use it. Although, we still recommend cleaning it once a week. 


The best way to clean a bathtub

Except for tubs that are made of polished marble grey, we recommend Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner for daily cleaning. For best results, follow these simple steps:


  • Use warm water to wet down the tub and tiles before beginning the cleaning process

  • Generously spray the cleaner on the bathtub and leave it for 5 minutes

  • Simply rinse off


5. How to clean your bathroom sink

You use your bathroom sink often, from brushing teeth, to washing hands and carrying out the nightly routines. And because of this, it quickly accumulates bacteria as well as unpleasant stains and smells. 


What to use to clean a bathroom sink

There’s not a lot that you need to clean surfaces like your bathroom sink. Simply take your bathroom cleaner of choice (we would recommend Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner), rinse it with clean water– and you’re ready to go.


Best way to clean a bathroom sink

Your bathroom sink steadily sees a build-up of dirt and grime every day, so you should aim to give it a wipe down daily and a deeper clean once per week.


The daily clean

If you want to know how to keep the bathroom sink clean daily, you should always have Lizol® All Purpose Power Cleaner handy that removes 99.9% of germs.


The deep clean

Give your bathroom sink a deep clean and a brilliant shine with Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner. For best results, follow these steps: 


  • Pre-clean the surface, then spray inside and outside the sink until thoroughly wet 

  • Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with water


Clean bathroom sink faucets 

Make sure that you spray around your faucets too, using the suggested tools to scrub those trickier to reach areas, such as the handle and the spout.

Please note: Always use Lizol products as directed on the label.


6. Cleaning the shower

Though our showers exists to make us clean, the dirt has to go somewhere – and that isn’t always down the drain. Our showers therefore see a lot of build-up, from product residue to everyday grime. However, with the correct products and techniques, there’s no reason why you can’t get your shower gleaming.


What you’ll need to clean a shower:


  • Squeegee

  • A clean cloth

  • An old toothbrush

  • Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner

  • Lizol® All Purpose Power Cleaner


The best way to clean your shower

With our shower being covered in water every day, our drains are a target for limescale to grow, which can clog up our shower parts and affect its performance. Here’s how to correctly clean each section of your shower. 


Ventilate your bathroom

While cleaning your shower, always open a window or turn on the vent to get the air circulating, as this will make it easier to clean and less likely for mold and mildew to form.


How to clean the shower doors

Next, it’s time to take on the shower glass. This is where your squeegee will come in handy, which you should use after every few showers to wipe down the walls and remove as much water as possible. You should use something effective such as Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner to get the glass gleaming. 


How to clean shower tiles

Since your tiles are splashed with so much water, you’ll need something that’s powerful enough to remove hard water stains as well as soap scum, limescale and everyday dirt and grime. For your regular cleans, follow the steps below: 


  • Spray the surface with Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner until thoroughly wet

  • Leave it for 5 minutes, to clean soap scum and limescale 

  • And then, rinse

  • Repeat, if necessary


How to clean a shower head

If your shower head isn’t as powerful as it once was, or your water is shooting out at an odd angle, chances are the holes in your showerhead are stuffed up with mineral deposits and limescale. In that case, use Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner Cleaner as follows:


  • Apply to a pre-cleaned surface

  • Let the surface remain wet for 5 minutes and then, rinse

  • Repeat application, when necessary


Please note: Always use Lizol products as directed on label.


7. 5 ways to eradicate Bathroom Mold & Mildew

A damp environment is a germ’s best friend, and there is no place in your home with more moisture than the bathroom. But with a few extra precautions, you can conquer bathroom mold and mildew once and for all.


Got mold? Start with a frontal assault

If your bathroom has existing mold or mildew, use a cleaner such as Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner, which is easy to spray on and wipe off with a sponge or paper towel. For tougher mold or mildew stains, allow the cleaner to sit for 5 minutes and rinse.


Moving air is your bathroom’s best friend

With all the humidity that collects in the bathroom, especially after the morning round of showers, airing out the room is one of the best ways to fight mold and mildew. 


Stay on top of your shower

Your shower curtains or doors tend to get wet and stay wet, making them magnets for mildew. Thus, clean them daily with a germ removal product such as Lizol® Bathroom Power Cleaner.


Tame germ-breeding towels

Make sure everyone spreads out and hangs up towels right after drying. You should also launder towels and replace them with fresh ones every 3 to 5 uses, which is different from 3 to 5 days. 


Ditch carpets and soft mats

Hard surfaces in a bathroom are easy to keep clean. Soft, porous surfaces like bathroom carpets are not so much. Make sure it’s laundered as frequently as your towels to keep mold and mildew at a minimum.

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